Special Tax Scheme

The State guarantees to authorized firms the stability of applicable investment fiscal conditions, from the date of notification of their registration or authorization.

Fiscal Taxation applicable to authorized firms

Pursuant to the free zone’s approved activities, authorized companies are subject to the following taxes and fees, excluding any other taxation:

1 – Tax on industrial and commercial profits

Authorized companies/firms are subject to the tax on industrial and commercial profits at the rate of the profits they make. In addition, authorized companies benefit from the following waivers:

  • Exemption until the seventh fiscal year (included) following the one during which the authorization or approval has been issued
  • Reduced rate of seven per cent (7%) from the eighth to the fifteenth year included
  • Common law rate of twenty five percent (25%) from the sixteenth year

2 – Tax on wages and salaries

Employees of an authorized company shall remain subject to common law taxation on wages and salaries and the authorized companies make deductions from wages provided for by the applicable legislation under the conditions laid down by those instruments.

3 – Local taxation

Eligible companies remain subject to local taxation.

4 – Administration levy

Authorized companies are subject to an administration fee, based on their annual turnover in the free zone with respect to activities covered by their authorization or approval, as follows:

  • two per cent (2%) of the turnover for the eligible companies
  • zero percent (0%) of turnover for priority businesses

5 – Social contributions

Authorized firms have no particular advantage with regard to social matters. They are subject to common law concerning levies and social contributions.